2006: What, no theme…?

2006 kept true to our roots of an honest and debauched booze-up, yet introducing us to alcohol’s wonderful anaesthetic properties.

Towards the end of the evening, we could have performed open-heart surgery on Denise without her noticing…

tDSC01950 DSC01948 DSC01947 DSC01946 DSC01945 DSC01942 DSC01939 DSC01938 DSC01937 DSC01936 DSC01935 DSC01934 DSC01933 DSC01931 DSC01930 DSC01929 DSC01923 DSC01922 DSC01921 DSC01920 DSC01919 DSC01918 DSC01917 DSC01916 DSC01915 DSC01914 DSC01913 DSC01912 DSC01911 DSC01910 DSC01909 DSC01908 DSC01907 DSC01906 DSC01905 DSC01904 DSC01903 DSC01902 DSC01901 DSC01895 DSC01894 DSC01893 DSC01892 DSC01891 DSC01890 DSC01889 DSC01883 DSC01882 DSC01881 DSC01880 DSC01879 DSC01877 DSC01874 DSC01873 DSC01872 DSC01871 DSC01870 DSC01869 DSC01867 DSC01866 DSC01863 DSC01862 DSC01860 DSC01859 DSC01858 DSC01857 DSC01856 DSC01855 DSC01854 DSC01851 DSC01850 DSC01849 DSC01848 DSC01847 DSC01845 DSC01844 DSC01843 DSC01842 DSC01841 DSC01840 DSC01839 DSC01838 DSC01837 DSC01836 DSC01835 DSC01834 DSC01833 DSC01829 DSC01828 DSC01827 DSC01826 DSC01825 DSC01824 DSC01823 DSC01822 DSC01821 DSC01820 DSC01819 DSC01818 DSC01809 DSC01808 DSC01797 DSC01796 DSC01794 DSC01784 DSC01783 DSC01782 DSC01781 DSC01780 DSC01779 DSC01777 DSC01776 DSC01775 DSC01774 DSC01773 DSC01769 DSC01768 DSC01767 DSC01766 DSC01765 DSC01764 DSC01763 DSC01738 DSC01737 DSC01732 DSC01731 DSC01724 DSC01723 DSC01722 DSC01720 DSC01719 DSC01718 DSC01717 DSC01716 DSC01713 DSC01710 DSC01709 DSC01708 DSC01707 DSC01706 DSC01704 DSC01703 DSC01702 DSC01700 DSC01698 DSC01678 DSC01677 DSC01676 DSC01674 DSC01673 DSC01672 DSC01671 DSC01670 DSC01667 DSC01666 DSC01665 DSC01664 DSC01663 DSC01662 DSC01661 DSC01660 DSC01658 DSC01655 DSC01953 DSC01952 DSC01951

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